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MAY 1, 2020

The IOCE and the professionalization of evaluation practice

The International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) has very recently added a fifth section to its VOPE Toolkit and it concerns the professionalization of evaluation.

Background #1. The IOCE is the mothership of the voluntary organizations for professional evaluation (VOPEs) from around the world. There are upwards of 150 national, regional or global VOPEs in existence. The IOCE is a point of convergence, of advocacy, and of service for VOPEs. The CES is a founder and an active member of the IOCE. By tradition, the CES Past President becomes the treasurer of the IOCE which is a not-for-profit incorporated in Canada.

Background #2. The VOPE Institutional Capacity Toolkit is a collection of curated descriptions, tools, advice, examples, software and toolboxes developed by VOPEs and other organizations working to support non-profit organizations. The Toolkit is a one-stop shop for information in support of the creation of VOPEs, their formalization, their work planning, their positioning in their evaluation ecosystem, etc.

The new fifth section of the VOPE Toolkit deals with the professionalization of evaluation practice and is structured as a sequential process for VOPEs to follow in the analysis of their environment and in the development of a workplan to improve the professionalization of practice in their territory. Five areas are discussed: the definition of professionalization; the reasons to professionalize the practice of evaluation; the mechanisms that are available; the strategies that must be devised; and the necessary reflection on the local experiences. For each area, a synthesis of the questions raised for VOPEs is offered and additional resources are identified. Additional resources can be suggested by users.

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