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For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
(H. L. Mencken)


Circum Network is a strategic research and intervention consulting company focusing on the strategic phases of decision making. The professional division is composed of Benoît Gauthier, president, and a team of collaborators

Our mission: to help organizations grow by providing advice based on solid principles and on knowledge stemming from the use of rigorous methods

For an organization, to grow does not necessarily mean to increase business volumes, profits or the number of employees. It also means harmonizing its ties with its entourage, improving its positioning compared to its competitors, reducing frictions with the environment, increasing client satisfaction, ensuring a balanced life to employees, etc.

Our advice is based on proven principles. In particular, we frame our management intervention within the Generally Accepted Principles of Sound Management developed by the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec.

Our advice stems from rigorously developed knowledge. In this area, we forcefully apply the assessment framework for survey research developed by the president of Circum Network and widely published since. Our methods conform to the ethical standard codes of the industry or exceed their requirements. To respond to the emerging needs of our clients, we have developed a management system for Web-based surveys. This product, called CallWeb is entirely under our control and is developed based on client requests. Experiment with our demonstration questionnaires and read on the extensive possibilities of this system. Researchers and managers will discover an essential tool.

Our values: rigour, transparency, creativity, relevance

In the pursuit of our mission, we apply relentlessly four fundamental values: rigour, transparency, creativity and relevance. Rigour demands from us that we systematically apply the best practices at the time of the intervention. Transparency requires from us that we divulge all crucial aspects (methodological or analytical) which influence the conclusions reached or the advice provided. Creativity compels us to constantly renew our approaches and to adapt our tools to each particular circumstance. Relevance dictates that we ensure that all of our works, analyses and reports link directly to a client need or a requirement of the situation studied.


We get involved when a crucial piece of information is required, when an important decision must be made, when a critical action must be implemented. Our contribution may include:

It could be aimed at elaborating objective and rigorous knowledge on a situation or at preparing strategic advice influencing decisions directly. Our projects vary in size, from small to large, and in tightness of deadlines, from very short time frames to long planning horizons. In all cases, we apply the most stringent quality standards.

For example, we will:

To reach us:

General address : service@circum.com
Benoît Gauthier : gauthier@circum.com, @BGauthierCEEQ
Tel. : +1 819 775-2620, Fax : (no more fax; sorry)
238 Fleming Road, Cantley, Québec J8V 3B4

Benoît Gauthier, Mastodon