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Document T084

Survey of Canadians on Issues Related to Credit Card Payment at the Point of Sale

Prepared for Visa Canada Corporation and MasterCard International Incorporated

Circum Network recently submitted a report and Benoît Gauthier testified as an expert witness at the Competition Tribunal, in a case revolving around the forms of payment used by Canadians as well as their preferences and attitudes towards certain payment method steering strategies used at the points of sale. The specific research questions were the following:


Data were gathered via a survey of Canadians aged 18 or over who possess a credit card. A pre-recruited panel (Probit) was used, and the survey was conducted both on-line (78%) and by telephone (22%). A total of 11,561 questionnaires were completed (including 2,577 over the telephone), for a participation rate of 22%. Given that the panel used conforms to the rules of random sampling, it can be assumed that it possesses a sampling margin of error of ±1.3 percentage points for a proportion of 50% at a confidence level of 95%.

Key Findings

152 pages, 2355K [PDF format]

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