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Document T053

Western Economic Diversification Canada client satisfaction, 2002

Report prepared for Western Economic Diversification Canada following a client survey, March 2002

In its 1999-2000 performance report, Western Economic Diversification Canada indicated that service quality and client satisfaction were important organizational considerations. In order to document current levels of client satisfaction, to examine their evolution in comparison to a baseline survey conducted in 1998 and one dated 2001, and to determine the priorities for organizational improvement, a large-scale client survey was conducted in February of 2002 by R.A. Malatest and Associates Ltd.. This report, prepared by Circum Network, presents the findings of the consultation.

The study shows that WD clients were generally satisfied with the department's services and that service quality was maintained between 2001 and 2002. This report points out the key strengths of the organization and identifies areas where improvement would most likely translate into a more positive client experience.

293 pages, 1,409k [PDF format]

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