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JUNE 15, 2021

National perspectives on the pandemic, its management and its effects

c2021Evaluators around the world have been affected in many ways by the 2020-2021 global pandemic: in their lives, in their interpersonal relationships, in their practices, in the nature and amount of work, etc. In this sense, they reflect the impacts of the pandemic on the life of the societies in which they live.

Our colleagues are also witnesses to the effects of the management of the pandemic on their living environments. Benoît Gauthier, president of Réseau Circum, wanted to describe how evaluators from eight French-speaking countries approached their contribution to the learning associated with taking charge of an unprecedented health situation. The objective was not to pass judgment on the work carried out but rather to take advantage of the commonality of this important issue (the response to the pandemic) to take note of the treatment given in each one jurisdiction.

National analyzes concerning the national response to the challenges of the pandemic in eight countries were analyzed. The results were compiled in a Synthesis (#18) of the Réseau francophone de l'évaluation entitled “Regards nationaux sur la pandémie, sa gestion et ses effets”. The corpus paints a very diverse portrait of concerns and approaches to pandemic analysis. The synthesis demonstrates that national perspectives are reflected in the choice of priority issues to be addressed and in the approaches used to provide answers.

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