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A society without a grounding in ethics, self-reflection, empathy and beauty is one that has lost its way.
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DECEMBER 20, 2020

The RFE continues its global action

RFEThe Francophone Evaluation Network (RFE), presided by Benoît Gauthier of Circum Network who represents the Canadian Evaluation Society, held its annual general meeting on December 9. This was an opportunity to take note of the profusion of actions completed in 2020 in favor of the French-speaking evaluation community. Achievements include the following:

Thanks to the support of its partners, the RFE succeeded in delivering the goods in 2020 despite the pandemic upheavals experienced worldwide. As its president said: “Despite the pitfalls of 2020, our collective action has been amplified and increased tenfold thanks to an active permanence, involved volunteers and dynamic partners. In 2021, a major effort will be made to contribute to the French-speaking evaluation community using all available technological tools. We hope that the future achievements of the RFE will serve as inspiration for the national member associations, just as the RFE itself finds inspiration in the successes of the members. Change will remain the only constant for the foreseeable future. We are ready to tackle it with you."

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