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OCTOBER 11, 2012

Evaluation of the Quebec policy promoting health in schools

The Quebec Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) promotes healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention through its Pour un virage santé à l'école policy. Published in the Fall of 2007, this policy translates the Ministry's engagement to act in collaboration with the Québec school system to offer its youth an environment that is favourable to adopting and maintaining healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle.

As part of the review of the policy's implementation, Circum Network Inc. surveyed nearly 1,300 Québec learning establishments on behalf of the MELS, including primary and secondary schools from both the private and the public sector, professional training centres (centres de formation professionnelle, CFP) and centres for adult learning (centres d'éducation aux adultes, CEA) between May and October 2009. Based on the observations and conclusions provided by Circum Network Inc., the MELS published three pamphlets presenting the results generated on three topics: Healthy eating, Physically active lifestyle, and Education, promotion and communication, and Partner mobilization under the Policy. Here are some of the main observations presented in these documents.

Theme 1: School Environment – Healthy Eating Aspect

Theme 1: School Environment – Physically Active Lifestyles Aspect

Theme 2: Education, promotion and communication

Theme 3: Partner Mobilization

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