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NOVEMBER 22, 2009

High-flow high-availability Web survey infrastructure

Circum Network Inc. is already know for the development of the CallWeb software — for on-line data collection, telephone surveying and automated surveys. CallWeb is a prodigiously versatile and extremely stable Web application development platform; it also offers the ability to marry, in a single project and a single database, a Web-based questionnaire and/or PC-based self-administered interviews, in-person interviews, telephone interviews as well as robot-driven telephone interviews.

Circum Network Inc., with its partner Écho Sondage Inc., now offers access to a high-flow high-availability Web surveying infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of two redundant load-balancing access servers that manage the distribution of requests to two independent CallWeb servers that are connected in such a way that they both maintain complete up-to-date CallWeb data bases. A server dedicated to administration completes this network.

This network topography, even though it uses only medium power servers, can produce 75 CallWeb questionnaire pages per second while ensuring an average response time of no more than one second. Based on the very conservative hypothesis that a Web survey respondent takes 15 seconds to answer the questions on a questionnaire page, this means that our infrastructure can manage 1,125 concurrent connexions without performance degradation. But there is more. This infrastructure offers redundancy of the access servers and of the CallWeb servers such that the system would remain fully operational even if one access server and one CallWeb server failed. Repairs could be made to the system without loss of service.

Everyone can benefit from this infrastructure by using Circum Network's hosting services and turnkey services.

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