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SEPTEMBER 21, 2002

Effects of a change to the Canadian passport policy

In 2001, the Canadian Passport Office was considering the possibility of implementing the policy of requesting that each passport identify a single person — the 1P1P (one person, one passport) policy; this policy is in general use around the world. Up to then, Canadian parents could, at no cost, list their children under the age of 16 in their own passport.

A report prepared by Circum Network documents the reactions to the 1P1P policy from Canadian parents who took advantage of children listings in their passport. A telephone survey of 373 parents was conducted. The report also develops a model to estimate the increase in passport applications which would be likely to occur following the introduction of the 1P1P policy.

Thanks to the Passport Office for accepting to share these results with the public via this Web site.

Make sure to study the complete list of Circum Network reports available online; you may find some interesting lead to help you with your own needs.

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