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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
(George Orwell)

DECEMBER 13, 2001

Marketing research software analyses

Looking for software for market research (or social research more generally, for that matter)? Check out Tim Macer's Web site where this renowned expert has been posting market research software reviews every month for several years. Recent reviews include SPSS's mrInterview, for Web interviewing, Winyaps, for table conversion and distribution, and DotEnctypt, for web-based digital rights management.

Macer's latest review features Pronto, VOXCO's predictive dialler system. This review is particularly flattering — and it deals with a company dear to our heart and based in Montreal, Quebec. Macer starts his article by stating "If you are under pressure to get CATI interviews done for the cost of web or self-completion interviewing, then installing, or finding a site that uses Voxco's Pronto telephony system could help you close the price gap through some pretty dramatic increases in efficiency." The commentary also includes "It couldn't be simpler or more intuitive, and is typical of this elegant, well though out system". Congratulations to the VOXCO people.

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