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SEPTEMBER 29, 2001

New and improved: SampleCalc, version 2

Almost two years ago, we posted a JavaScript Web tool to calculate sample sizes and sample margins of error; we called it SampleCalc. Some time later, SampleCalc was empowered to take design effects into consideration. Later on, we offered DeffCalc, a Perl-based calculator of design effects associated with sample stratification.

The fact that SampleCalc was written in JavaScript was not satisfying: JavaScript is not supported by all browsers and many organizations disable JavaScript from their employees' browser as a matter of policy because of the security risk it represents. With the advent of CallWeb, we now have a flexible tool with which we reprogrammed SampleCalc, version 2. SampleCalc still offers the same calculation features, but it is now compatible with all graphic browsers, its interface is more user-friendly and the results are easier to print. Go ahead! Give it a try!

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