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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
(George Orwell)

JULY 28, 2001

A dedicated server for better client service

Circum Network Inc. is happy to announce that it now operates its own, dedicated Internet server (with the devoted help of its partner Robert Delisle) housed at IP address This new IP reference will get dispersed through the Internet over the next couple of days. Hence, it is possible that some users will connect on the old server (faithfully operated by AEI Internet over the past five years) until next Monday or Tuesday. One can determine which server he/she is connected to by attempting to locate the "CMT Project" entry in the "PROJECTS" section of the navigation list on the left hand side of the screen; it exists only on the old server.

This new dedicated Internet server should run faster than the previous setup (after some initial tweeking). It will provide much enhanced security for sensitive information posted for some clients. It will also offer a fast and reliable platform for the posting of Web surveys which will be based on the "CallWeb" Web survey software developed jointly by Robert Delisle of Écho Sondage and Benoît Gauthier of Circum Network Inc.. By the way, exciting developments are planned for the end of the summer in relation to CallWeb. More news to come.

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