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Document T062

Évaluation des impacts individuels du Fonds de lutte contre la pauvreté par la réinsertion au travail (2002)

Prepared for the Ministère de la Solidarité sociale du Québec, December 2002 (final report and methodological report)

The Quebec Ministère de la Solidarité sociale manages the Fonds de lutte contre la pauvreté established following the 1996 economy and employment summit. This study conducted a quantitative analysis od the impacts of the Fonds on reintegration into employment and on the personal conditions of participants. The research design exploited administrative data as well as responses to surveys with program participants (segmented in two groups: recipients of welfare benefits and non-recipients) and non-participants. The assignment included a survey of 3,910 people and the analysis of net impacts based on advanced econometric analysis techniques.

Circum Network Inc. conducted a similar evaluation study two years earlier on the same program.

90 pages, 242k et 95 pages, 217k [format PDF]

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