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Document T040

An Integrated Approach to Conducting Client Satisfaction Surveys, Analysis of requirements and proposal for a client satisfaction measurement program

Report presented to Evaluation Services, Information and Strategic Planning Directorate, Quebec Regional Office, Human Resources Development Canada, mars 2001

As part of its ongoing efforts to offer the highest quality of service to its clients, Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Quebec Region, has decided to provide its Human Resources Canada Centres (HRCCs) and its other operational centres with tools to help them plan and conduct client surveys, compile and analyze the resulting data, and take action on the results.

The goals of the present project were to plan a client satisfaction measurement program and to produce a self-directed training document on the implementation of client surveys. The program and the guide are designed for employees of HRDC-Quebec Region who do not necessarily have the knowledge required to conduct formal, systematic surveys. The tools in the guide are to be used for measuring, sampling, collecting data, analyzing data, interpreting results, and implementing recommendations. They include standardized questionnaires for various types of clients and various service conditions. While providing the essential methodological foundations, the self-directed training document takes a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach, including devices such as decision trees and checklists. This project was carried out in three phases. First, we developed the standardized questionnaires. Then we developed an operational framework for the client satisfaction measurement program. Finally, we developed the analytical support tools and mechanisms.

The conclusions and recommendations were aimed at the report production period. Since then, HRDC-Quebec may have reconsidered the recommendations given the evolution of its business environment.

132 pages, 1,008k [PDF format]

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