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MAY 9, 2008

Photocopying in elementary and secondary schools in Canada

New reports have been added to the Circum report collection. One of them is entitled "Study on the volume and nature of photocopying in the elementary and secondary educational sector in Canada (except Quebec)".

The purpose of the study was to provide pan-Canadian (except Quebec) estimates of the amount of photocopying of protected material by educational institutions and breakdowns by four genres (books, magazines, scholarly journals and newspapers; magazines and journals were later merged into a single category); furthermore, the data must support the analysis of whether or not the material copied was subject to payment under the Tariff proposed by Access Copyright.

The survey methodology involved: (1) the logging of all photocopying activity, under the supervision of clerks, in a random selection of time periods and locations; locations included elementary and secondary schools throughout Canada (excluding Quebec), school boards and provincial Ministries of Education; (2) during one randomly selected day in each 10-day study period collecting a complete copy of every transaction; (3) the collection of bibliographic information on the materials photocopied as well as information about the volumes and circumstances of photocopying; and, (4) the addition of bibliometric information and information relative to the status of representation by Access Copyright for each work.

Between February 14, 2005 and March 3, 2006, photocopying activity was monitored in: 894 school locations, 31 school boards, and 17 ministry locations representing all Ministries of Education outside Quebec and Ontario. These 942 locations included 2,651 copiers. In total, 366,344 photocopy transactions were logged as part of this data collection exercise.

The study concludes that, in 2005-2006, there were 263,374,053 exposures of published documents within Access Copyright's repertoire made in elementary and secondary schools, school boards and relevant functions of Ministries of Education in Canada except Quebec. Of these, 77.0% were of books, 11.5% of newspaper articles and 11.5% of magazine articles.

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