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Document T061

Formative assessment of organisational effectiveness frameworks, consultation paper

Report presented to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, February 2000

This report analyses five management frameworks to identify overlapping areas and idiosyncrasies. Its objective is to discuss the way in which these frameworks could be integrated to produce a more encompassing framework of organisational effectiveness.

The analysis is limited to frameworks used within Treasury Board Secretariate with the addition of a UK-based model which has been the subject of attention recently. The frameworks or models included in the analysis are:

The analysis lays out the elements of each framework reviewed within each of three categories: purpose, principles (or values) and criteria (or areas). Within each category, the details of the models are cross-referenced to the NQI framework to ease the identification of elements which are particular to a model and the connections among models.

It is found that each model presents valuable features:¨

The discussion of the possible rapprochement of these models concludes that:

60 pages, 413k [PDF format]

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